Baby Yoga: Bonding, Stretching, and Growing Together!

Every Thursday at 12 pm

For babies 6 weeks to crawling! 

Step into a world where little bodies find relaxation, stretching, and delightful movement. At our Baby Yoga class, we create a nurturing environment for both babies and their caregivers. Your baby will experience the joy of yoga whether they’re comfortably lying on their backs, exploring the world on their tummies, or being cradled in your loving arms.

Why choose Baby Yoga for your little one? It’s simple:

  • Restful Slumber: Yoga helps calm tiny minds, aiding longer, more peaceful sleep.
  • Happy Tummies: Gentle movements support better digestion.
  • Strength and Growth: Through yoga movements and songs, babies become stronger, laying the foundation for a healthy life.

For parents and caregivers, this isn’t just a class—it’s a community. A space to connect with other adults, share experiences, and uncover the wonders of your baby’s blossoming personality.

What to Bring? A cozy blanket for your little yogi to lie on.

Join us and embark on a bonding journey of growth, love, and tranquility with your baby.

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