Birthday Parties and Special Events

Where Magic Meets the Moment! 🎭

At Puppetonia, we believe every event deserves a sprinkle of enchantment. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a special festival, a religious occasion, or a public holiday, our captivating puppet shows are designed to make memories that last forever. From daycares and schools to serene parks, bustling restaurants, and sacred religious venues – our puppeteers are ready to bring stories to life wherever you are. Let’s turn your event into a magical tale together!

At your location

We’re equipped to bring our puppet magic straight to you. With just a modest space of 6 by 4 feet, we can set up our portable stage and transform any location into a world of wonder. Concerned about acoustics? Worry not! We’ve got portable speakers on hand to ensure every enchanting word and melody is heard. Your venue, our tales. Let’s weave enchanting stories together!

How to Book a Show!

To ensure we tailor the most enchanting experience for your special event, we kindly ask that you to

contact us directly for bookings.

This helps us discuss availability and customize the show to your unique needs.

📞 Call us: (201) 805 1739
📧 Email us:

We can’t wait to turn your ideas into      puppet magic!

At Symposia Bookstore

Discover the charm of hosting your event at the Symposia Bookstore, located at 510 Washington Street in Hoboken. Not only do we manage the setup and cleanup for you, but all you need to provide are the treats and sips. And here’s a delightful twist: every child leaves with a complimentary book from the bookstore—a treasured keepsake from your memorable gathering.