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Description of Classes

Puppet Shows:

Since its inception, Puppetonia has taught children so much more than just their ABC’s and 123′s. The music and puppet shows incorporate important social skills, early academics, thinking skills, motor skills, and self-expression.

 The music is fun and upbeat, and the children are encouraged to move to the rhythm, follow verbal instructions, practice sequential movements, and have a great time. And there are bubbles galore!


Spanish with Puppetonia:

Early childhood is the BEST TIME to start learning a second language. That’s why Puppetonia now offers a special Spanish-language playtime every Tuesday at 11 am! Kids will learn simple Spanish words and phrases while playing with our puppet friends and musical instruments. Come join the fun!

Baby Yoga:

With support from their parent/caregiver, babies will enjoy yoga while on their backs, tummies or held in loving arms.

Each class is filled with calming, nurturing ways to help your baby

-sleep longer,

-digest better and

– grow stronger through yoga movement, song and a loving touch.

For parents/caregivers, this class is a special opportunity to meet other adults, get support and learn about your baby’s emerging personality. 

Bring a blanket for your baby to lie down on.


Toddler Yoga:

With support from their parent/caregiver, toddlers will enjoy a supportive, fun, and active yoga class. The kid-friendly yoga poses will help toddlers increase mobility, strengthen growing muscles, support physical exploration, and become more confident as they hone their crawling and walking skills using kid-friendly yoga poses

We’ll bark in downward dog, hiss in cobra pose and flutter our butterfly wings as we stretch, sing, balance, twist, bend and play yoga!


Class taught by Niki Poveromo who is a local Hoboken mom of two girls, and two border terrier pups. She rediscovered her love of yoga when she became pregnant with her first daughter and started attending prenatal yoga classes regularly. The sense of community and the atmosphere in the studio made her keep coming back for more. She loves that she can now offer a safe space for children to learn and practice Yoga.


STEM Science Class  – ages 3 to 5

Join us for a fun science class! Drop in at any individual class or attend all 7 from Oct.9th to December 11th!

We will explore basic science concepts to set your child up for success in future science classes!

Each 1 hr class will include a story time, a movement activity, and a hands-on experiment!

We’ll hone our engineering skills, learn to measure, create hypotheses and learn to make observations, even play games that teach the basics of coding!

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